Effective Fat Burning Foods That Everyone Can Afford

Have you ever walked around the grocery store and gotten the impression that all of the supposed “health foods” are more expensive than everything else? This is actually a widespread issue! Many people hoping to lose weight end up feeling as if they don’t have any healthy options available if they’re also on a budget. As such, their struggles only worsen as they continue eating poorly week after week.

Fat Burning Foods card with a beach on backgroundFortunately, the idea that all healthy foods are just too expensive is something of an exaggeration. There are quite a few fat burning foods that just about anyone can afford during their regular shopping trips. With that said, you can go ahead and add the following to your list:

1 – Brown Rice

Another misconception about weight loss is that you have to stay away from carbohydrates altogether. As it turns out, the real trick is merely in choosing the right ones! Brown rice is one of the best examples. It’s not only incredibly affordable, it’s also low in fat and packed with added health benefits such as fiber. It even has the added bonus of entering the bloodstream quite slowly, and its versatility allows it to work well with just about meal plan.

2 – Lean Chicken Breast

If you want to see the fat burning power of lean chicken breast in all its glory, just look up any body builder, athlete, or actor that dropped tons of body fat for a role. Across the board, chicken breast is one of the most frequently found foods in their diets. As a rich protein source, chicken will energize you and eve help you develop your muscles. This should give you the boost you need to make it through any exercise regimen. Just make sure you only prepare it grilled or baked; frying of any kind will naturally add a ton of unnecessary fat content.

3 – Almonds

Now that you have two staples to lean back on for your meals, you’re also going to need a dependable snack for those times when you just can’t shake a craving. Almonds are among the best options around. They are absolutely stuffed with omega-6 fatty acids, a known contributor to weight loss. While almonds do have a naturally high amount of fat, it’s counterbalanced by a very low carb count. You’ll also only need a handful or so for your sudden urge to snack be completely sated!


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Of course, those are only a few of the key examples of the affordable fat burning foods you can find at the grocery store. You might also want to stock up on oatmeal for breakfast, apples or berries as another snack alternative, pepper and garlic, and plenty of natural green tea. When paired with fibrous greens and all the water you can stand to drink, you should then have the makings of a number of healthy meals that both taste great and satisfy without worry of expanding your waist line any further. Perhaps best of all, you won’t even have to bust the bank to afford them!

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